13th Street

I am not the type that you can scare off easily: the French tested my nerves with their extra gory debut ‘Haute Tension’, the Americans tried hard to haunt my dreams with their A Nightmare on The Elm Street series (I still crave over that ripped off, red-green sweater! Such an it-sweater that was!), the Italians threw a zombie or two in my vision with the Fulci movies and the Japanese… oh well, the Japanese DID horrify me with that Ringu girl… that messy, long hair was so horrific that I grabbed my cell and took an appointment for her from the famous Aldo Cappola!

Jokes aside, I just can’t get into the mood when I watch those thrillers: for me, they are just made up stories projected onto a screen. The script is already written and the end is already decided: you are just the outsider, a viewer of what is going on. Since you can’t take a part in all this mess that goes on in those movies, you just stop caring and watch the rest because you’ve already paid for the tickets… or there’s more popcorn to eat.
But let’s see how the German fascinated me with their innovations!

‘13th Street’, that belongs to NBC Universal, is a German tv channel that specializes in thriller, action and horror movies in particular. They had some interesting marketing campaigns in the past like transforming a public bathroom into a crime scene thanks to motion detector and blue lights. They had done another interactive room installation with a blood bath in Hamburg. Now they are back not just one but two fantastic, mind-blowing, eye-popping, gory projects:

‘13th Street’ was clever enough to offer a dimension to the horror movie culture: interactive films. I believe this will be the future of the cinema in which the audience will be able to interact with the protagonist and change the whole script, and therefore the ending as well.‘Last Call’ is an upcoming film that they have invented in which the audience registers his mobile number then during the film, the protagonist calls a random viewer and asks for help and then for directions as well: ‘What should I? Should I go up or down? Which way is safe? Should I turn left or right?’ Depending on the directions, the ending changes every time so everybody creates a different film. That’s what we call customization!The second thing that fascinated me about this channel is their press office stuff: they use these amazing graphics for cd covers, letters and all the other communication materials that are grotesquely gory. They grabbed my attention for sure! Check them out at: http://www.13thstreet.de/


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