I believe that packaging is one of the most important aspects of a product; you can bottle the water in a very ‘innovative’ form and sell it for a doubled (even tripled) price. For those who are in Milan, it’ll be more than enough checking the multi-brand store La Rinascente’s food store at the 7th floor to see all different types of bottled water (there’s even a Swarovski covered, exclusive one; just in case you like your water sparkling… like literally!).

But internet remains a different reality; you can’t physically pack anything but that certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot find creative methods to present your context. In the sea of all those food blogs, Bakerella is doing a great job in interpreting what is plainly normal (cupcakes!) in an incredibly creative manner.

I’ve found this website as I was searching through some innovative food blogs; I didn’t have the chance to interview her so I don’t know if the Japanese food art ‘Kyaraben’ was a source of inspiration to her or not but they definitely serve to the same purpose: creating eye delights for the already delicious tastes.

They’re basically spherical cakes with sugar icing all around. She did a lot of different designs from Hello Kitty ones to the monster collection for the Halloween. For those with some free time in their hands, I think it’s a very fun way to pass time. Ah, just contact us if you don’t know where to send them since we always appreciate those little, delicious surprises in the office.
For the recipes, you can visit:


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