It’s finally Friday and a new erotic thriller has just made it into the theatres. Think of a perfect married couple with a young son and a surprise party gone amiss because the perfect husband loses his flight and can’t make it to the party. Of course, in situations like this, the mind never happens to stay calm, which is exactly what happens: the paranoia of being cheated upon drives the wife to hire a prostitute to seduce her husband so that this young seducer can report everything back to her and prove if he’s the cheater type or not.

Yes, you’ve got it right; I’m talking about the new Atom Egoyan movie “Chloe” starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. The movie grabbed a lot of attention from the media even before the theatrical release for different reasons like:

1) It’s a remake of Nathalie, a french movie, which was directed by the acclaimed director Anne Fontaine. And the movie had some big stars like Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Beart and Gerard Depardieu. So there was quite a bit of a doubt if a remake could beat the success of the original one.

2) The wife of Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson, had a skiing accident during the filming and although it didn’t seem like a serious injury at first, it caused her death at the age of 45. Neeson left the movie set to take care of his wife for which the script of the movie had to be changed. Right before the final filmings, Neeson decided to return to the set and finish up what he started so the film is shot according to the original plot. (Note: I’m sorry for his wife but I’d definately get my thumbs up to have the other ending of the movie included in the dvd version; it’d be kind of cool to see how they changed the whole story to subsitute the absence of Neeson.

3) The lesbian kiss scene between Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried.

It’s good to see Moore back in a thriller since she always does a good job of setting up the atmosphere with her excellent acting skills. Although the film ‘Forgotten’ didn’t recieve a lot of positive feedback from the reviewers, her performance was amazing. Seyfriend on the other hand is getting quite a good grasp in acting with her latest performances; it’s always hot to see two beautiful women kiss but I’m not sure if this kiss in ‘Chloe’ is better than the one Seyfried had with Megan Fox in ‘Megan’s Body’. What’s with this kissing thing anyways? I want one, too!

The movie starts off with the perfect marriage and parties and a beautiful family with a cute son. But nothing is perfect as it seems (or so the protagonist decides). She hires this beautiful young girl and asks her to “run into” her husband in a naturel way and see if he responds. The girl starts reporting every encounter back to the wife and the story between the girl and the husband takes upon a sexual level. But the wife will soon understand that the girl is not really trust-worthy and she’s making up most of the stories to keep the game going on.

As the movie rides to its sexual climax with the erotics scenes between Moore and Seyfried, the thriller doesn’t lose its power. The movie, that was a tragic story of a betrayed wife, turns into an erotic thriller in which the protagonist loses her power over the control of the things and finds herself in a rather dangerous game with the young girl.

I’d definetely advice you to go check this movie out since it’s almost weekend and it’s always a pleasure to see some erotic film in the big screen with a nice twist in its storyline. Don’t forget to have fun afterwards!


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