Deyrolle – One of the Strangest Shops in Paris


Paris is a magnificient city with the strangest shops of the world scattered around the city like little gemstones. Once you set your mind on to finding those little spots, you can be hundred per cent sure that the city will leave you with your mouth open. Take ‘Deyrolle’ for instance.
This taxidermy establishment with a history older than 170 years, is one of those interesting spots that you should visit once you are in Paris. Not really far from the Musee d’Orsay, you find it on rue du Bac. Although we are strictly against all sorts of violence against animals, this store’s worth a mention. It is almost like a wild forest with all the animals (dead!) inside. Butterflies of every color and shape. Insects that scare, disgust and even fascinate. Zebras with perfect fur. Lions that look almost alive. Reptiles! Ostrich eggs! Birds! Just name it and you will find it inside.

Louis Albert de Broglie changed his career from banking to gardening for managing this store; he even earned a nickname ‘Le Prince Jardinier’ thanks to novelty he brought to the store like the line of gardening tools.
In 2008, the unexpected happened and the whole store got caught on fire because of a short circuit trigger. The French army with a big part of the Parisian population showed a great example of solidarity and saved the place although almost ninety percent of the shop’s stock was lost.

With the help of the organization ‘Friends of Deyrolle’, they raised enough money to put almost everything back to its place. There were cases in which ‘friends of Deyrolle’ donated 50 boxes of butterflies; Christie’s offered to organize a fund-raising auction and Hermes reissued its scarf ‘Plumes’ to raise money.
Now the store is back to normal and is welcoming you for a visit.


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