Ghostbusters? Really?

We do love come-back stories, don’t we? Now that Sex and the City girls are getting back to the big screen once more, we’re all in line in front of the cinemas to reserve our seats for the premiere on Friday.
Although I’m not a huge fan of my childhood favourite movies being remade with a different cast in the same manner, I can say that I do appreciate the effort when they use those movies as ‘inspiration’ for different forms of theatrical performances. Improv Everywhere does a great job in doing an encore appearance of Ghostbusters in the actual library that the movie starts off with.
The ‘ghosts’ enter the library and take seats, search for books, surf the internet (it’s hilarious to see them searching for answers to: could a person come back to life after they die? on After a while, the ghostbusters team enters to catch them and they start running around making ‘ghost’ noises.
For more:
Here are some pictures:


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