Tombees du Camion

Paris, as you’ll remember from our previous posts, is a magnificent city that never disappoints when you are looking for strange little shops here and there. After our fascination with Deyrolle, we discovered yet another store on Rue Joseph de Maistre that is very interesting.


Tombees du Camion is owned by Charles Mas who is a modern bargain hunter that travels around France and visits warehouse stocks, former factories, backyard sales and such in order to find ‘forgotten’ objects; objects which are not of any use to their owners anymore but refind life in the little store of Mas. He provides a way of resurrection to each and every object he accepts into his store; they quit being treated like a piece of garbage at some garage sale and become a part of this ‘vintage memoir store’. You can find jewellery, accessories, dolls, toys, decorations and vintage gadgets from 70s, 50s and sometimes even 30s. It’s rather like a paradise for vintage at low cost. Once you decide to visit Paris, Tombees du Camion should be one of your ‘must’ stops. For more information, please visit here.



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