Toy Giants


With each passing day, it gets harder to attract audience and create attention. The 15 minutes of fame of yesterday is now limited to a few ‘likes’ and a few seconds of world wide social media network sharing only. The reason behind this is that the consumer of today is a postmodern one; he has a fragmented self with different layers to his personality and wants to fulfill each step of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in one total action. But sometimes the magical ingredients achieve coming together and creating a world wide interest in the world of art.


 This is the case when the world’s biggest toy collection that belongs to Selim Varol and Daniel & Geo Fuchs’ talent in photography meet. Presentation is almost everything; although the toy collection is really interesting with a wide range from B-Horror movie characters to the political figures; it just wouldn’t have had the same effect as the Toy Giants project had if they were to be displayed one by one in glass cages in some chic, minimally decorated, white museum. I remember Daniel & Geo Fuchs from back in the day when they had done  an amazing photoshoot with dangerous objects, calling it ‘Murder Weapons’ as whole. Now they are back with Toy Giants; an illustrated journey into the world of toys. The toys are mixed and matched in entertaining ways; you get to see Uma Thurman ‘The Bride’ cut one of the Happy Tree Friends in two. Or even better, you get to see all the hot pink toys come together and create an army of delight for the eyes. The exhibition is made into a book as well, so if you have missed the chance of seeing them in a gallery nearby, just go and grab the book. I see you dreaming of writing a long list to Santa Claus this decembre as you flick through the pages of Toy Giants. For more information, please visit here.



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