In search of a midnight kiss…

What are you looking for? Love? Friendship? No strings attached sex? Fun? Or whatever comes your way is okay? Alex Hodridge, in his low budget romantic comedy, presents us this young man who has recently broke up with his girlfriend and he finds himself in a great depression. Thanks to his best friend, he decides to create a profile on Craigslist and find a date for the new year’s eve in order not to spend the night alone. Then comes along the mysterious blonde… Despite its low budget, the movie can be described with one, simple adjective: fantastic. It’s kind of short, very honest, direct to the point and shot in a rather artistic way. The actors do a great job of portraying the characters and the main quest for love is quite exactly what we come across with in our everyday lives. Some may argue that internet is not the right place to find love but then again in a world where the reality mixes almost every moment with the virtual one (oh yeah… privacy killers… smartphones!), everything happens to be possible in the wide network of the internet. What do you think? Have you ever found that perfect midnight kiss that we are all after?




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