Mirian Morello’s Vampire Travel Diaries: 15th of August

“Take me from this earth
an endless night-
this, the end of life.
From the dark I feel your lips
and taste your bloody kiss. “

Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire

Hi everyone! Mirian is here. I’ve just arrived to Milan and tomorrow I’m leaving for Paris, I’ll be writing my travel diaries on this blog for a month or so, then on September, I’ll be throwing a huge event! More details later… So bookmark this blog and check it out every now and then. I hear you saying: “What if I don’t?”, well, I might seem like a small tiny sweet doll but don’t forget the fact that I am a blood sucking vampire. Just to give you an idea, I’d like to share a video which shows where I get my name from…

See you later, bloody kisses.



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