Beauty Bath after the holidays…

Hi all! How are you? Gosh, my holiday has been amazing so far! I spent almost two weeks in the city of love Paris, another week in the oriental mystery Istanbul and right now I am busy getting a tan under the dazzling sun of Bodrum! The funny thing with holidays is that although you are searching for relax, you are basically always on the run for the next stop! So, every now and then you have to take a few hours off and treat yourself with a bubble bath. I put some cucumbers on my eyes to get their puffiness away.

I had some time to think of my holidays in general and wanted to ask you something… Do you think love exists? I have pale skin, sharp teeth; I crave for fresh blood and I feed on youth but I found a very different feeling lingering in my heart when I was at those different cities. I got to thinking; what I love has alwas been miles away, maybe it’s curse or just a challenge I need to tackle down. I met a Parisian vampire at 4 in the morning and I couldn’t stop thinking of him… I am no Bella and our story will never make it to the big screen (or to sheets, notebooks, fan merchandise, trilogies, etc.) so I just had to let it go…

Did I? Not really; when I put my heart and mind onto something, I always figure out a way to get it. Warhol says: the more you wait for something, the more you desire it. I love that quote, but my personal motto for the time being is: ‘eff the distance, i’ll grow wings if I have to and fly to you…’ A vampire with wings? NOW we’re talking of science fiction!!

By the way, I’ll try to get him come to my special party on September during Milan Fashion Week so that you can meet him. Will you be coming? I hope so. Keep checking this bloody space out, you never know what you’ll encounter as you read through my holiday notes.

Bloody Kisses

Mirian Morello




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