Tea Time

You can’t go to Paris and return home without having tasted the amazing teas of Mariage Freres. My Parisian friends took me there for a brunch on a hot yet windy sunday morning (it was quite hard waking up since I had spent the previous night at a very ‘crazy’ night club dancing my bones off to the beats of french electro music with brasilian dancers under cold showers! yeah, what happens in Paris doesn’t stay there, it’s not Ibiza!) and me not being a great fan of tea in general had frowned all the way till the cafe/store. BUT, as we entered the store, a very chic man in a black suit greeted and welcomed us inside…

Gosh, that variety of delicious smells was hard to bear; at a certain point, I remember myself acting like an octopus with my arms everywhere, trying to get a hold on of every type of tea. In the end, I got out of the store with 20 bags of the same three teas:

– The’ de Lune with vanilla and black fruits

– Sakura 2000 with some sort of flower leaves

– The’ A’ L’opera with the vert epice

So, now that I am a guest at this cosy Istanbul apartment, I got out of my usual bubble bath and decided to do a little tea-tasting session! Who wants to join me? 🙂


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