Tea Time

You can’t go to Paris and return home without having tasted the amazing teas of Mariage Freres. My Parisian friends took me there for a brunch on a hot yet windy sunday morning (it was quite hard waking up since I had spent the previous night at a very ‘crazy’ night club dancing my bones off to the beats of french electro music with brasilian dancers under cold showers! yeah,¬†what happens in Paris doesn’t stay there, it’s not Ibiza!) and me not being a great fan of tea in general had frowned all the way till the cafe/store. BUT, as we entered the store, a very chic man in a black suit greeted and welcomed us inside…

Gosh, that variety of delicious smells was hard to bear; at a certain point, I remember myself acting like an octopus with my arms everywhere, trying to get a hold on of every type of tea. In the end, I got out of the store with 20 bags of the same three teas:

– The’ de Lune with vanilla and black fruits

– Sakura 2000 with some sort of flower leaves

– The’ A’ L’opera with the vert epice

So, now that I am a guest at this cosy Istanbul apartment, I got out of my usual bubble bath and decided to do a little tea-tasting session! Who wants to join me? :)

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