The Doll Museum?? Well, Home Sweet Home!!

Bonjour a tout le monde! Comment ça va? I’m back in Milan! My quite short holiday in Bodrum was great, I had some time to relax, meet some friends, make new ones, swim, get a nice tan and eat a lot of fish! Checking through my holiday pictures, I found the shots from the Doll Museum in Paris. It is a very small museum, hid at the end corner of one of the narrow streets of the Le Marais area yet this private collection is really vast and has some very antique French dolls. It was rather creepy seeing the classroom window with all the dolls staring at their ‘teacher’ but that is okay. At a certain point, they tried to put me into one of those glass boxes but I refused, thanks God I am not that old yet to end up in a museum! The cool thing was the doll hospital in which they didn’t let me take pictures, you basically take your old dolls there and the nice owners of the place repair them for you. So the next time you go to Paris, don’t lose yourself in that touristic circle with the Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysee and  the rest but check this cool little museum as well, it was worth the visit for sure! Ah then as soon as you get out, there’s a delicious bar that makes awesome cakes but that’s going to be mentioned in another post! Keep checking. Love you all! Your little vampire Mirian!


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