One day we’re gonna live in Paris!

“One day we’re gonna live in Paris
I promise, I’m on it
I’ll find you that French boy,
You’ll find me that French girl
I promise, I’m on it”

I usually sleep during the day since I can’t stand the daylight but today I just can’t get to relax and doze off, I don’t know why. So I closed all the curtains and decided to do a post with some of my pictures from Paris. I want you all to close your eyes, picture the first time you’ve been to Tour Eiffel and seen the whole city beneath your feet. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? It makes you feel powerless, small, in need of protection but also full of hope, motivation and most of all, love. I think it’s one of the best monuments I’ve ever been to (well, respecting my roots, I’d say it comes RIGHT AFTER and NOT before the museum of vampires right in the suburbs of Paris). Take a deep breath and start your day with a smile.

Ok, now. I had amazing time in Paris, met a lot of cool people and went to a lot of ‘strange places’: it was kind of funny to see more sex shops than Starbucks around. In Milan, they have those shops all ‘mysteriously’ located in not so central places and you have to knock the door and wait that the owner lets you in, etc. In paris, it’s like grocery shopping, they even have shopping windows decorated in a very creative ways. I had a blast when I saw a shy sales assistant girl trying to explain the multifunctions of a dildo to a young couple.


I so wanted to go and see the Catacombs but I was quite scared to delve deep into the tunnels of the underworld that’s hidden beneath Paris; some of the youngsters I met at an happy hour asked me to go with them to a ‘special’ party in the catacombs the next night but I didn’t have the guts to do it (although I am a vampire and I do love dark, I am also a nice little girl and my mother always told me there’re places that an elegant vampire lady should never been to) because I was scared of getting drunk and losing my way into the tunnels and not being able to get out anymore (not that you can find fresh blood living in the underworld… so no chance of fulfilling my appetite) .

I want to return to Paris for the fashion week to show off my perfect Frankie Morello dress, I ordered it last night and I hope it arrives soon, I can’t wait to try it on. Anyways, now I run off to the gym then to lunch (no blood, no flesh, no nothing. fashion week’s arriving so i’m on a tictac diet: a tictac for breakfast, a tictac for lunch and a glass of water for dinner… I don’t remember where I read this but I advice you to try it at home… NOT.) to drink a nice cup of herbal tea with my friend Angela. Don’t be fooled by the name, she’s no angel (a fallen one, maybe?).

Bloody kisses everyone!!




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