Istanbul, Magic and Killer Heels

“Never try to trick me with a kiss
Pretending that the birds are here to stay;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.”

 I am very into Sylvia Plath nowadays; I have just finished reading that amazing collections of poems ‘Ariel’ and this morning, as I was sipping my Mariage Freres tea I started reading her “The Bell Jar” which is really sad but inspirational at the same time. One of her poems match wonderfully with this picture I took in Istanbul at the “Yerebatan Sarayi” which translates into something like “The Sinking Palace”. This is an underground water reservoir still full of fish; there were also three Medusa heads gained through the various wars, all positioned in different directions in a supersitious mode to keep the bad luck away.  Istanbul was one of the most interesting destinations I’ve ever been to during my doll life cycle. From one side, it’s very oriental with huge bazaars, spice markets, Ottoman architecture and antique traditions; and from the other side, it’s like an ever growing small New York City with all the modern architecture, shopping malls, breath-taking restaurants that have amazing views of the sea, etc. I wanted to take that sexy vampire I met back in Paris but I can’t seem to find him anywhere anymore; his sweet smile and sharp teeths are what remain beloved in my heart. I am sure that if we’re meant to be, he’ll come and see me at Vogue Fashion Night Out or catwalk or my party… I don’t know where or when but we’ll live and see!

I am currently staying at the head quarters of Frankie Morello, here in Milan. The whole team seems really busy trying to come up with the perfect party that I’ll be throwing on 24th of September in Corso Matteotti 3. Of course you are all invited; some of my best doll friends are coming as well, so I am pretty sure we’re going to have a blast! For more information, you can all contact me at! Bisous everyone!!

By the way, a quick note: all those amazing Frankie Morello heels have arrived in the stores! What are you waiting for? I’d looooove to see you all in those killer heels at my party!


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