Fashion week is all we live for! (?)

I woke up quite late today (this never changes! I think I should give up on clubbing until late!) and I went out to get a coffee with friends in the Brera area, I think it’s one of the most relaxing areas of Milan; seems like the time stops and Milan transfers itself into the streets of Rome. Then I went back home to work on the invitations for my event, in the upcomin days I’ll be delivering some of them through my blog so keep checking this space! It would be so much fun meeting you all there at the party, it’s gonna be awesome! I recently got a feature on Vogue Turkey; I should scan it for you as soon as possible. For the moment I am posting some pictures from my Paris trip… Yeah, I miss that city;  but hey, it’s almost fashion week, so I’ll have a chance to go there and visit my friends, so it’s cool. I am trying to get my hands on the perfect dress for the event but I still haven’t found it; I know, I know… The streets will be covered with all those street style photographers and bloggers so I need to decide my outfits from now on so that I can do final/major/minor changes on the final looks when the time comes! What a stress! I think I need a bit of Nutella to cheer me up… Oh well.




2 Responses to “Fashion week is all we live for! (?)”
  1. Koray Caner says:

    Congrats for the Vogue Turkey feature. Loved it! Also you are on XOXO Mag, which is another success 🙂

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