♥ All the lovers ♥

All the lovers! Yeah, I’m a very lucky vampire with a lot of young, sweet boys falling in love with me! It was a crazy week really, I didn’t have a lot of time to blog because Andrew arrived here in Milan and so I spent some time with him. He met the designers of … Continue reading

Let me taste your neck!


Frankie Morello Meets Art Invitation!

Love is a losing game…

Yeah, you’ve heard it right, so please pull yourself together, start making a great career and just get on with the fact that love is a losing game and even though you know the rules, the winner never takes it all. I’m so broken hearted right now that I can lay in a bathtub full … Continue reading

My motto? Well, shop till you drop!

God, it was quite a stressful morning for me today! The lady who takes care of the house decided not to come (sales in the stores? the research for a perfect dress for VFNO? just plain laziness? who knows!) so I had to do all the cleaning myself, can you imagine? Anyways, in the end, … Continue reading

What happens in Paris, stays in this blog!

Hi there! I just didn’t have the time to do frequent posts in this period because I was in Istanbul for 2 days for a shooting with a magazine then I returned here in Milan and I started getting ready for the Vogue Fashion Night Out on 9th of September. We’ll be having La Pina … Continue reading