My motto? Well, shop till you drop!

God, it was quite a stressful morning for me today! The lady who takes care of the house decided not to come (sales in the stores? the research for a perfect dress for VFNO? just plain laziness? who knows!) so I had to do all the cleaning myself, can you imagine? Anyways, in the end, I did a good job that the house is as clean as it could ever get but I was so tired and down so I took a little nap then decided to go out for shopping. But in Milan, I do not know any concept stores so I ended up going to Corso Como 10 where I bought some nice books on fashion. They didn’t let me take any pictures there so I am sharing the amazing ones I had taken in Paris in a concept store in the Le Marais area. I bought a lot of stuff from there, can’t you see? Everything was sooooo Frankie Morello, OMG j’adore! What are you up to tonight, guys? Anyone wanna hang out?

Bloody kisses as usual









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