Love is a losing game…

Yeah, you’ve heard it right, so please pull yourself together, start making a great career and just get on with the fact that love is a losing game and even though you know the rules, the winner never takes it all. I’m so broken hearted right now that I can lay in a bathtub full of vodka tonic. I mean, that cute vampire guy that I had seen in Paris, you remember right? Well, I can’t find him A N Y W H E R E! I mean I checked all the online vampire dating websites and social networks like:

– Vampirebook

– Bloodtube

– Bitespice

– Vampiredar


And he doesn’t have a profile anywhere, how can that be possible? He lingers in my mind all the time with his killer smile, shimmering white teeth, piercing stare, the sexy attitude… Oh, I am Mirian Morello and I have an important event coming up, I can’t just lay here crying over some guy I’ve never even met. I have to pull myself together and get my mood up and going. So as many of you asked me the other day, here’s a list of some songs that always cheer me up. Let’s see if it works this time too.


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