I’m here

“I’m here”
is a new short film by Spike Jonze, which gives us a new dream, a melancholy tale, where the seduction and love are the key elements.

In the film men and robots live together peacefully, sharing together all the frustrations of a job and a boring life that does not satisfy them, and just like men, even the robots will find comfort and shelter in love.

A monotonous job in a library looks attractive and will be upset by an exchange of words, the game of seduction begins, the robot protagonist finds himself dreaming of the real feelings and realize what you feel in the heart … giving everything …. really everything ….

The film can be seen in streaming here  http://www.imheremovie.com/

it is produced by a famous brand of liquor, so I’m going to drink a vodka … who knows that could contribute to an exciting new film!


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