Kazaky emerged as a new group with the release of their fast-paced, sensual, acro-dance video In the Middle.

The boy band’s four performers were assembled by the experienced choreographer and dancer Oleh Zhezhel,

the video was made by the equally accomplished Music video director Yevhen Tymokhin.

The first clip by Kazaky on the song called In the Middle hit the
headlines in mass-media and blogosphere. The number of views on Youtube has
exceeded the million mark, and the group acquired unofficial titles of
“Breakthrough of the Year” and “New Response to Lady Gaga”.

In fact, Kazaky
won the title of the “Breakthrough of the Year” and the prize of Myway Dance
Awards 2010, the video In the Middle was recognized as the best in 2010. The
number of imitations, mimicries and parody on In the Middle is now impossible to

We really like the song and the video too,

and also their Frankie Morello outfits!


2 Responses to “Kazaky”
  1. Kalaea says:

    I really enjoy watching the videos. The choreography is great as well as the video shots. It’s so entertaining and hopefully they make it to Las Vegas sometime.

  2. Марго says:

    они такие шикарныее

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