Isn’it Ironic?

Hi followers! I’m reporting you an interview of Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti,

directly from

wich has dedicated an article complete of everything about

the two designers.

Enjoy the Interview

and the picture below

from the article!

1. If you were to describe yourselves in 3 words?

Maurizio: Eclectic, creative and romantic


Pierfrancesco: Determined, pragmatic, imaginative


2. How did you meet?

We met in New York at a dinner organized by some common friends.


3. How did you come up with the brand Frankie Morello?

We were both in a transition period. One of us has a background in
dancing and the other one in architecture. We wanted to create a studio
in which we could work on different levels of artistic expressions.
Fashion was the first step we wanted to try, it started as a game
between us and turned out to be an unpredicted business project.


4. Do you split tasks? What are you, Pierfrancesco responsible for? And you, Maurizio?

We work together. We do not split the work in a set way. We are
complementary and thanks to our different points of view we can enrich
our creative discussion.


5. What is ironic to you? Why are your collections always a bit ironic?

Irony is a way of confronting life without letting external
influences get in your way, which is why it’s always present in our


6. How would you define the term ‘chic’? In Milan, people tend to exaggerate when it comes to style and in Paris “less is more”.

Being chic requires talent. There is no geographic rule for being
chic. You can be chic by exaggerating everything or by keeping
everything at its simplest. Your look depends on how you want to express

7. Frankie Morello is not just a fashion brand but also a
true lifestyle. You organise cool events and big parties and do invest
in art with the ‘Frankie Morello Meets Art’ initiative.  What’s next on
your agenda?

We are currently cool hunting. We are not interested in superficial
private parties. Our events must always have an intellectual appeal.


10. What do you collect and why?

Maurizio: I collect paintings and love discovering new talents that express my feelings with their art.


Pierfrancesco: I have a collection of toys and ceramic vases from
Western Germany. Collecting is a masculine passion that demonstrates a
part of one’s subconscious.


11. What does the word ‘toy’ mean to you?

Toy means fun, passion and joy.


12. What has inspired ‘Frankie Morello Meets Art’?

This project is born when we opened our store. We wanted to have a
space, which would welcome unexpected and innovative cultural events,
and would give unknown artists a place to exhibit their work to reach a
new audience.


13. Why did you choose Robert Bradford and Andrew Yang?

Robert Bradford was important for Pierfrancesco because he has a
talent for reinterpreting the world of toys, and Maurizio is very
interested in Kooklitas because of our “doll” digital project.


14. What is special about these two exhibitions?

We realised that some people who are geographically speaking far from you can be spiritually very close.

15. Have you ever thought of launching an exhibition with your toy collection?

We are working on it.


16. What inspires you?

Music, cinema and art.


17. Your fashion shows need big productions and feature
surprising settings or props such as a remake of Chinatown, or vampires.
How do you choose the theme?

A show is just the top of the iceberg. There are 6 months of hard
work required to produce a show. We build a specific scene to engage our


18. What’s your favourite show so far?

Maurizio: FW 2011-12 Men


Pierfrancesco: FW 2009-10 Women


19. Who would you like to dress in the future?

Maurizio: James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg


Pierfrancesco: Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman

A real thank’s to Y. Gina Truth

and to

Photography: Raul Cordoba, Make up and hair: Giulio Panciera
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