My Little Pop Icons

“I have always been interested in Pop art and popular culture itself.

I was looking for a way to express
myself concerning today’s materialism and individualism.
I was very interested in the whole customisation
phenomenon; how you can get anything done just for you. What does it tell about people’s self image
today if even your credit card can’t look like your neighbours one? When we surround ourselves with things
that are and look just the way we want them to, what does it mean? Do we think that by that we can somehow
exist more? To be what we individually are, even more? Is it a new way to use power and control on other people?
Today a new competition has started – You have to know who you are and what you want.

And you have to do
it better, bigger and faster than anyone else.”

This is what she said about her work.

Mari Kasurinen

used to customize My Little Pony and

below you can find some picture of her last series “My Little Pop Icons“.

my Little Frida Kahlo

my Little Andy Wharol

my Little Elvis Prestley


my Little Michael Jackson

We want a Frankie Little Pony too!


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