Zig Zag M.I.A.


everyday Unreleased M.I.A.‘s tracks comes out from everywhere!

Listen to “Zig Zag” , it  drops a few French words here and there,

like last elettro music rulez says.

From the last album called Born Free, an album written by herself

the third studio album recorded in a home studio section in her Los Angeles house.

This is the third

unreleased song, good as the others.


Below you can see music video of her single “born free” directed by Romain Gavras.

The video shows U.S. soldiers rounding up redheaded men and boys

and bussing them to the desert where they are brutally beaten and killed.

Whether it’s a comment on the absurdity of genocide (of which MIA saw plenty during her early childhood in Sri Lanka)

or a challenge to the idea of “other” in Arizona’s immigration law.







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