Kelly Osbourne vs Luke Worrall


After a series of failed relationships, Kelly Osbourne has decided that there is only one man worthy of being the father of her child:

her best friend (who is gay).


The 26 year old Kelly, who ended her last relationship with model Luke Worrall last year,

she admitted that her friend and confidant Nate would be the perfect man to share the joys (and pains) of motherhood.

Nate has already the approval of the official spokesperson for Kelly, her mother Sharon.

“I’m tired of straight men, I want a baby by my gay best friend Nate, ”

she told to the British magazine Closer.

“We would be perfect parents and then my mom loved him. ”

Maybe Kelly has not lost all hope in finding the prince cause she already has a new love.


The Osbourne, who recently became the new face of clothing line designed by Madonna Material Girl + daughter Lourdes,

is coming out with the same age as Rob Damiani (musician).

But they both decided to “go quietly”, “Yes, it is true, I’m enjoying seeing new people.

We met with Rob last period, but I want things to go up, which means that-also-I do not want to talk about it. “

she said.


We’ve seen her ex boyfriend Luke Worral in Frankie Morello men’s collection ss10 fashion show.

Kelly….. what the hell are you doin’?


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