DUST, the generation of the seeds

Last Saturday night Milan was full of special events, connected to the Fashion Week. One of the most important was, certainly, the photos exhibition, edited by Domenico de Chirico, at Gloria Maria Gallery, for the Italian presentation of DUST magazine.

DUST is not simply a magazine, it’s an artistic concept. Far from the promotional concept of fashion, DUST prefer to mix art and fashion, leaving space to the young artists’ creativity and personality, through their creations, their words. DUST wants to give voice to an aesthetic subculture often ignored by the editorial mainstream.  That’s why Frankie Morello sponsored this project, because Frankie Morello believes in the new talented artists’ creativity!

DUST is a biannual magazine, London based, directed by Luca Guarini with Antonio Mingot, Luigi Vitali and Emanuela Amato. The ‘number zero’ was published in January 2011 and now is available in Italy too.

The number zero talks about the generation of the seeds, because: «With the seed, we can determine the fruit’s quality. […] The seed is the basis, the seed is the intention. The seed is in the look. The seed is not about what but about how.»

That’s DUST!


Photos courtesy of Serena Barbisan


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