AMY WINEHOUSE 1983 – 2011

In your too short life you shaked our lives. Your music, your style were, are and will always be an inspiration for us. You left no time to regrets. Goodbye Amy.

Maurizio and Piero

Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday afternoon in her house in Camden Town. She died at age 27, like other music icons like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain.

Amy Jade Winehouse was born in  London  on 14th Sept 1983 from a Jewish family. In her short life Wino (Amy was calles with this nickname) inspired the entire world with her notable personality.

Her debut album, Frank, in 2003, received a lot of positive reviews, winning two platinum discs. But in 2006 she becam a world music icon with Back to Black and its debut single Rehab, song of the year: with this album she won 5 Grammy Awards.

Amy wasn’t only a music icon: her irregular way of life, her music, her look became a source of inspiration for everyone. She was a style icon, a celebrity follwed by paparazzi: it was a Wino-mania.

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