Frankie Morello is pleased to announce that its official website is now available online at www.frankiemorello.com, with a brand new look.

There is much to discover among the different contents of the website, which is hoping to be a simple and direct way of bringing fans of the fashion house inside the world of Frankie Morello. The new website, which stands out for its intuitive and instantaneous graphics, opens with a clearer, more structured homepage, making browsing easier and helping users to locate the sections that interest them.

Some parts of the site have been introduced to provide more content and information and soon there will also be a “store locator” to inform users of the location of their nearest store.

The website http://www.frankiemorello.com has not been designed as a simple static platform to be accessed only for “passive” references. Instead, it is intended to be a virtual space dedicated to fashion enthusiasts and Frankie Morello addicts; for example, you will be able to download some graphics from the Frankie Morello collections to use as screensavers.

Thanks to direct links with the fashion house’s social networking sites, the website can be used for communicating, leaving comments and interacting with the designers who deal directly with the contents of the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/frankiemorellofanpage), the Twitter account (https://twitter.com/frankiemorello) and the Blog (https://frankiemorellomilan.wordpress.com).

The latter is a “space” where general interest posts are left, with subjects ranging from art to fashion and cookery to music.

The website re-launch was backed strongly by the two designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti in anticipation of the imminent opening of the online store, where it will be possible to purchase clothing and accessories from the Frankie Morello collections online.

“The website redesign stems from our desire to involve the consumer directly in what is truly the fashion of today, rejecting the now bygone vision of a fashion world which is reserved to an élite group of people. We want our customers and visitors to feel part of our world, involving them in as many aspects as possible of our daily life and our passions and interests.”

The website redesign is part of a wider communication strategy which will see the digital world becoming increasingly important to the Frankie Morello philosophy.

The fashion house entrusted the re-modelling of its website to the agency “Dodicitrenta – Digital Creative Studio”; the agency which has overseen the website since its creation.

  1. Federico says:

    Finalmente lo store on line!! Non vedevo l’ora!

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