Maybe Autumn is the season of love!

New couple alert both in Hollywood and in Italy

The newly single Jennifer Lopez dated the A-list actor Bradley Cooper in NYC, where Mrs JLo was filming her last movie.

George Clooney return to the wrestler Stacy Kebler: the couple walked the Toronto red carpet for the The Idees of March premiere

In Italy, the actress Kasia Smutniak walked out with her old friend and producer Domenico Procacci. It’s a new start for Kasia after she lost her boyfriend Pietro Taricone in a parachute accident a year ago.

It seems to be more than just a professional relationship between Giorgia Palmas and Vittorio Brumotti; Giorgia won’t marry her long standing boyfriend Davide as she promised few months ago.

Jennifer Aniston is expecting two twins from her new fiancé Justin Theroux. The couple was seen walking out from an artificial insemination clinic.

It’s a really strange diet the one that the mom-to-be Beyone is following: bananas and ketchup, Oreo biscuits with pickles and Bounty with chili. What is thinking about this your gynaecologist, B.?

It’s a naked couple! Demi Moore tweeted a naked picture of her, shot in a bathroom, in answer to the strip that her hubby Ashton did during the Ellen show. Com’on guys, take your clothes on!

‘You change your mind like Rihanna changes her hair colour’ could sing Rihanna’s bff Katy Perry. Infact here a picture of the popstar with a blonde bob haircut for the new campaign of a famous fashion label. Moreover Rihanna will duet with the Coldplay in Princess of China, from Coldplay’s new album Myloxyloto.



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