Charlotte, the Pink-Haired girl

Charlotte Free is only 18 years old but is becoming one of the most famous model in the world.

Here it is her last work: the Wonderland cover wearing a Frankie Morello shirt.

She loves her pets (she has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a turtle, some birds and a fish) and the Lakers (she’s from Los Angeles)

Her particular? A pink head!

Infact, Charlotte is famous for her crazy pink hair that she did because “I was unhappy with with my life. I had a horrible relationship, and a horrible boyfriend. I got out of it and I was still depressed. I dyed my hair pink and I didn’t care about anything anymore”, as she said to Elle magazine.

But Charlotte is not the only girl with pink hair.

Actually, it’s a pink-hair mania among the celebs!

Katy Perry chose a pink head for the VMAs while Lady Gaga brought the pink hair on the Vogue cover…


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