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Rick Genest

New faces of fashion and art. The Tattooed Rick Genest

AJ Abualrub – a Jewish model

AJ Abualrub – a Jewish guy in the fashion world.

Frankie Morello on TUSH GER and POP UK!

Frankie Morello on Tush GER and POP UK!

Frankie on Glamour e Corriere della sera

Frankie on Glamour e Corriere della sera

Mind Door Monolithes

A choreographic piece for 8 dancers, 25 models, 6 monolithes.

World Graphic Design

Triennale Design Museum presents Worlds Graphic Design,

Frankie on WWD USA – Style and FASHION ITA

Check out Frankie on WWD USA – Style and FASHION ITA

Frankie Morello on Vanity Fair ITA

Check some Frankie Morello ss11 pieces on Vanity Fair ITA

Frankie’s BOY

Check out Mario Loncarski New faces for Frankie Morello SS11 SEXYWEAR Campaign