Charlotte, the Pink-Haired girl

Charlotte Free is only 18 years old but is becoming one of the most famous model in the world. Here it is her last work: the Wonderland cover wearing a Frankie Morello shirt. She loves her pets (she has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a turtle, some birds and a fish) and the Lakers (she’s from … Continue reading


The new video production of Frankie Morello IT’S EASY ! TAKE A FAMOUS SONG, BLARE IT OUT TURN ON THE VOLUME AND LET’S START TO SING AND JUMP !!! …IT’S LIKE THAT…..AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!!! Models:  Sebastian Sauve, Leebo Freeman, Alexandre Cunha, Vladimir Ivanov, Simon Nessman, Francisco Lachowski, Sid Ellisdon, Jacoub Coupe, Alexander Johansson, Thomas P … Continue reading


We’ve asked to our bloggers to choose 3 must-have pieces from our men’s collection Spring Summer 2012 that every man have to have in his closet. Check it out the choice of… Chiara Ferragni from Pelayo Diaz from Kristin Knox from Erica Baldi from and Veronica Ferraro from David … Continue reading

Frankie Morello on DAZED !

  DAZED & CONFUSED May 2011 Frankie Morello : Dress Stylist: Karen Langley     Frankie Morello : Shirt Stylist: Mcmahon 

Frankie goes to Tortona!

Even Frankie Morello this year went to Salone del Mobile in Tortona!
What do you think about it?

Frankie on Grazia e Vanity Fair

Check out Frankie on Grazia e Vanity Fair

Making the windows!

Guys, we are making the Windows!

Everything it’s ready for the Cocktail!

Frankie on Vogue and Another Man UK

Take a Look!

Tournée! Il vero Burlesque

The story of a difficult tour in the French provinces,

including talk by train and hotels, a company in crisis,

with its burlesque vamp trash overweight and sympathy for humanity

in defense of the producer with budget and family problems.

Frankie on Attitude UK!

Frankie Morello Spring Summer 2011 on Attitude Uk! Check it out!