Frankie Morello Backstage Video – Men’s Fashion Show F/W 12-13

  The backstage video from the Frankie Morello Men’s Collection Fall Winter 2012/13 filmed by Senio Zapruder

Charlotte, the Pink-Haired girl

Charlotte Free is only 18 years old but is becoming one of the most famous model in the world. Here it is her last work: the Wonderland cover wearing a Frankie Morello shirt. She loves her pets (she has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a turtle, some birds and a fish) and the Lakers (she’s from … Continue reading

How to prepare a fashion show

This short film is done with the purpose to show you how a fashion show gets ready to be presented. Obviously, before all of this, the designers develop the collection following precise guidelines and a conceptual idea and a casting is done to choose the models. Then, what it has to be done, is what … Continue reading


Caterina Ravaglia was born in Ravenna on 14th of Sept. 1994 At only 15 years old she won the Italian edition of Elite Model Look and she arrived second at the world final. In a year Caterina was seen on the most famous catwlks, from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent, from Prada to Lanvin, from … Continue reading


The new video production of Frankie Morello IT’S EASY ! TAKE A FAMOUS SONG, BLARE IT OUT TURN ON THE VOLUME AND LET’S START TO SING AND JUMP !!! …IT’S LIKE THAT…..AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!!! Models:  Sebastian Sauve, Leebo Freeman, Alexandre Cunha, Vladimir Ivanov, Simon Nessman, Francisco Lachowski, Sid Ellisdon, Jacoub Coupe, Alexander Johansson, Thomas P … Continue reading


How to be a boy of Frankie Morello? Just be funny. Boys of Frankie Morello explains how, with the models playing on the notes of Rum DMC, It’s like that. The video is directed by Luca Finotti and inspired by Justin Wu works. The models are, in casual order: Leebo Freeman, Francisco Lachowski, Alexander Johansson, Philipp Bierbaum, Oskar Tranum, Josh Tuckley, Malthe … Continue reading


Sebastian Sauve directed by Luca Finotti in a short movie for EY! Magateen Summer 2011. EY! is a very sexy and colourful magazine that celebrates the young energy (infact EY means Electric Youth!). Every issue is full of boys, all between 16 and 23 years, shotted by a single photographer for issue.

Frankie Morello on DAZED !

  DAZED & CONFUSED May 2011 Frankie Morello : Dress Stylist: Karen Langley     Frankie Morello : Shirt Stylist: Mcmahon 

Making the windows!

Guys, we are making the Windows!

Everything it’s ready for the Cocktail!

Frankie on Vogue and Another Man UK

Take a Look!