Frankie goes to Tortona!

Even Frankie Morello this year went to Salone del Mobile in Tortona!
What do you think about it?

Frankie on Grazia e Vanity Fair

Check out Frankie on Grazia e Vanity Fair

Making the windows!

Guys, we are making the Windows!

Everything it’s ready for the Cocktail!

the Importance of being Blogger!

Frankie Morello

was the first to realize the media power that was developing around the so-called “bloggers”.

Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is a Master Artist and Master Architect

My motto? Well, shop till you drop!

God, it was quite a stressful morning for me today! The lady who takes care of the house decided not to come (sales in the stores? the research for a perfect dress for VFNO? just plain laziness? who knows!) so I had to do all the cleaning myself, can you imagine? Anyways, in the end, … Continue reading

The New Window of The Flagship Store

I went to the flagship store of Frankie Morello in Corso Matteotti 3. I saw that they dedicated one of their shopping windows to me! That’s an honour! I saw the window was full of my cards that I am including here on this website so that you can just print it out and keep … Continue reading