Frankie Morello dresses Arisa for X Factor Italia

The Italian singer Arisa, one of the judge of the 5th season of the Italian X FACTOR, will be dressed Frankie Morello for the duration of the Talent Show. “We are very happy and enthusiastic about this collaboration because she represents the DNA of the brand: style and talent kept together by the irony. Then, … Continue reading


EVERY GIRL HAS HER TOY Jennifer Lopez has a toy-boy too! The singer from Portorico is involved with one of her 24yo dancer, Casper Smart. You know, the JLo’s love don’t cost a thing. “YOU’RE EMBARASSING ME, MOM!” It seems that Lola is not enjoying the party, looking her mom Madonna on the danceflloor dressed … Continue reading

Movie of the week: PINA by Wim Wenders

It’s unusual to have in the theaters a total artwork like Pina, the new 3D documentary by Wim Wender: the director has been extraordinary in mixing together in a movie art, dance, cinema, music and new technologies, like the 3D, for the first time. Pina Bausch is a legendary dancer and choreographer. Her unique creations … Continue reading


What you need to make your Peanut Brownies are: 130 g peanut butter 2 eggs 5 ml vanilla extract 220 g packed brown sugar 55 g butter, softened 85 g all-purpose flour 5 g baking powder 2 g salt 75 g salted peanuts, chopped In a large mixing bowl, cream together the peanut butter and … Continue reading


‘TEENAGE’ MOM DREAM At the Mtv EMAs Katy Perry looked pregnant in her ‘skin-tight’ dress. We wish the baby will be not an extraterrestrial! PUNKS NEVER DIE The pop punk-rock singer Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend Brody Jenner got into a fight at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Saturday night. ‘Why do you have to go … Continue reading


MAXXIinWeb / Meeting with Francesco Vezzoli The MAXXIinWeb project organized by MAXXI and Telecom Italia is about to launch: with free admittance while places are available in the MAXXI Auditorium for nine encounters with nine major players in contemporary creativity that Telecom Italia will be making available free to the web public in live streaming … Continue reading


Il libro del mese lo consiglia Paolo Stella, attore, noto al pubblico del grande schermo per aver lavorato con Dario Argento e Francesco Falaschi e a quello televisivo per Un ciclone in famiglia e Donna Detective. Il suo ultimo lavoro, Penso che un sogno così, di Marco De Luca, è un apprezzatissimo film a bassissimo … Continue reading


KEEPING UP WITH THE DIVORCE Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphrey after only 72 days because of “irreconcilable differences.” Is it maybe the height? FROM THE SEX TAPE TO THE MATERNITY It seems a sort of ‘revirgination’. After the sex-tape scandal Belen Rodriguez announces she’s expecting a baby from her boyfriend Fabrizio … Continue reading

Charlotte, the Pink-Haired girl

Charlotte Free is only 18 years old but is becoming one of the most famous model in the world. Here it is her last work: the Wonderland cover wearing a Frankie Morello shirt. She loves her pets (she has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a turtle, some birds and a fish) and the Lakers (she’s from … Continue reading


Customize your daily pasta for Halloween! Chef Frankie is here to show you how you can make it easy! The ingredients you need to make your eyeball pasta are: 400gr green tagliatelle 150g pack mini mozzarella balls, drained Handful basil 100gr cherry tomatoes 350gr jar tomato sauce 4 tablespoon of fresh pesto Halve the cherry … Continue reading