Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is a Master Artist and Master Architect


♥ All the lovers ♥

All the lovers! Yeah, I’m a very lucky vampire with a lot of young, sweet boys falling in love with me! It was a crazy week really, I didn’t have a lot of time to blog because Andrew arrived here in Milan and so I spent some time with him. He met the designers of … Continue reading

Fashion week is all we live for! (?)

I woke up quite late today (this never changes! I think I should give up on clubbing until late!) and I went out to get a coffee with friends in the Brera area, I think it’s one of the most relaxing areas of Milan; seems like the time stops and Milan transfers itself into the … Continue reading

The Doll Museum?? Well, Home Sweet Home!!

Bonjour a tout le monde! Comment ça va? I’m back in Milan! My quite short holiday in Bodrum was great, I had some time to relax, meet some friends, make new ones, swim, get a nice tan and eat a lot of fish! Checking through my holiday pictures, I found the shots from the Doll … Continue reading

Beauty Bath after the holidays…

Hi all! How are you? Gosh, my holiday has been amazing so far! I spent almost two weeks in the city of love Paris, another week in the oriental mystery Istanbul and right now I am busy getting a tan under the dazzling sun of Bodrum! The funny thing with holidays is that although you … Continue reading

Frankie Morello Meets Art: Andrew Yang

From 24 September 2010 until 30 September 2010, Frankie Morello flagship store will be holding an exhibition of the Kouklitas by the American artist Andrew Yang, known especially for his world famous fashion dolls collection. The name originates from the Greek word for doll, koukla. Each doll is cut from a pattern, sewn into muslin, … Continue reading