A romantic night in Paris is perfect for a walk: Scarlett Johansson steps out in the French streets with the actor Kieran Culkin. C’est l’amour! Paul McCartney is ready for his third ‘Yes,I do’ with Mrs Nancy Shevell: all good things come in three’s. Together again. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seems back together: here … Continue reading

Frankie on Grazia Uomo!

Check out Frankie Morello men’s collection on Grazia Uomo!

Frankie on WWD USA – Style and FASHION ITA

Check out Frankie on WWD USA – Style and FASHION ITA

My motto? Well, shop till you drop!

God, it was quite a stressful morning for me today! The lady who takes care of the house decided not to come (sales in the stores? the research for a perfect dress for VFNO? just plain laziness? who knows!) so I had to do all the cleaning myself, can you imagine? Anyways, in the end, … Continue reading

What happens in Paris, stays in this blog!

Hi there! I just didn’t have the time to do frequent posts in this period because I was in Istanbul for 2 days for a shooting with a magazine then I returned here in Milan and I started getting ready for the Vogue Fashion Night Out on 9th of September. We’ll be having La Pina … Continue reading

Fashion week is all we live for! (?)

I woke up quite late today (this never changes! I think I should give up on clubbing until late!) and I went out to get a coffee with friends in the Brera area, I think it’s one of the most relaxing areas of Milan; seems like the time stops and Milan transfers itself into the … Continue reading

One day we’re gonna live in Paris!

“One day we’re gonna live in Paris I promise, I’m on it I’ll find you that French boy, You’ll find me that French girl I promise, I’m on it” I usually sleep during the day since I can’t stand the daylight but today I just can’t get to relax and doze off, I don’t know … Continue reading

I feel the sun!

Although I don’t speak French (well, not yet, but I have to get myself at least a touristic phrase book since I’ll probably be going to the Paris Fashion Week!), I watched the news the same and I was happy to see Italy all sunny and ready for my return. These are the pictures I … Continue reading

The Doll Museum?? Well, Home Sweet Home!!

Bonjour a tout le monde! Comment ça va? I’m back in Milan! My quite short holiday in Bodrum was great, I had some time to relax, meet some friends, make new ones, swim, get a nice tan and eat a lot of fish! Checking through my holiday pictures, I found the shots from the Doll … Continue reading

Tombees du Camion

Paris, as you’ll remember from our previous posts, is a magnificent city that never disappoints when you are looking for strange little shops here and there. After our fascination with Deyrolle, we discovered yet another store on Rue Joseph de Maistre that is very interesting.                                                          Tombees du Camion is owned by Charles Mas who … Continue reading