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AJ Abualrub – a Jewish model

AJ Abualrub – a Jewish guy in the fashion world.

Let me taste your neck!


Frankie Morello Meets Art: Andrew Yang

From 24 September 2010 until 30 September 2010, Frankie Morello flagship store will be holding an exhibition of the Kouklitas by the American artist Andrew Yang, known especially for his world famous fashion dolls collection. The name originates from the Greek word for doll, koukla. Each doll is cut from a pattern, sewn into muslin, … Continue reading

Mirian Morello’s Vampire Travel Diaries: 15th of August

“Take me from this earth an endless night- this, the end of life. From the dark I feel your lips and taste your bloody kiss. “  Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire Hi everyone! Mirian is here. I’ve just arrived to Milan and tomorrow I’m leaving for Paris, I’ll be writing my travel diaries on … Continue reading